Elegant dark theme for Gitea
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Elegant dark theme for Gitea.

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Gitea. Earl grey. Hot

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  1. To install, first check your CustomPath by visiting the admin panel of your instance. Mine is /var/lib/gitea/custom. You'll need to create 3 directories. Something like /var/lib/gitea/custom/public/css should be your final structure.

  2. Clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/acoolstraw/earl-grey

  1. Move theme-earl-grey.css into the public/css directory

cp earl-grey/theme-earl-grey.css /var/lib/gitea/custom/public/css/

  1. Add (or replace) the following to your app.ini:
DEFAULT_THEME = earl-grey
THEMES        = gitea,arc-green,earl-grey
  1. Clean up rm -r earl-grey